Build. Connect. Create Possibility.

At Red Brick Yoga we are confident that everyone will benefit from introducing yoga into their lives. We know firsthand the amazing benefits a yoga practice can have on your health and happiness. We are here to help you build a foundation of the yoga basics, no matter what your fitness level. From there we will empower you to connect to that foundation while you continue to build and grow within your practice. Even if you can’t touch your toes (yet!) you can greatly benefit from a weekly yoga practice and we encourage you to come try a few classes. We truly believe that if you give yoga a chance, it will be something that you continue to do for the rest of your life. So whether you’ve never stepped foot on a yoga mat or you’re a natural born yogi, you’re welcome at Red Brick Yoga! Come and join us, leave your busy life outside the door, and just breathe and connect to your foundation.